Tonto Credit & Social Services

Tonto Credit & Social Services

Creating better future through investment,
entrepreneurship and community service. 


Tonto Credit & Social Services is a microcredit project based in Kyirapatre (Lake Road), Kumasi (Ghana) run by Afroeuro Foundation, Ghana. Tonto Credit & Social Services was started in 2020 with few contributors and now has 75 beneficiaries in the region. The credit services are aimed at reaching the local traders in the region in order to meet their need for small investment credits & loans for which they cannot meet their requirements of the banks for collateral security. More


Personal Loans

Are you a small scale trader or famer, professional, an entrepreneur or an economic operator in Kumasi? Do you have a long-term project that requires significant funding? This is the formula you need. The loans apply to these kinds of projects: 

  • Agriculture: Fertilizer, livestock/poultry, farming equipment, seeds, others
  • Business: Tailoring, maize mill, business capital, liquidity support, others

Investment Loans

Applicants can apply for personal loans fulfill your personal needs. We offer you a personal loan based solely on your ability to repay the loan. The personal loan can help you cover unexpected expenses such as wedding expenses, funeral, school fees for children and other home needs. 


Dividends are obtained by the investors to the credit facility scheme. As mentioned, 15-20% return on investment can be expected for investments.

In need of potential investment portfolio in Ghana? 
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